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rental property management’s service guarantee

satisfaction guarantee

of    service

We want you to be happy

we offer you a service guarantee

or we will refund you our management fees

We offer you a 4 months trial period

If you are not satisfied with our service within 4 months,

and you decided to move to another agents

we refund you our fees

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We pride ourselves the service quality that we provide to our customers.

We help you to achieve the best possible return and best tenant. We perform two inspections each year to ensure the best condition is maintained on your property. We attend to every maintenance request personally, to ensure your money is spent on the most effective way. We do not just take your business and disappear, we communicate with you every month, and even more if your property requires additional attention. We collect your rent on time and we do a rent review and recommendation every 6 months. We care for your property as if it is our own.

We proudly offer our satisfaction guarantee to our customers.

My Home

Real Estate

Francisco Ribeiro

Licensed Real Estate Agent

0402 285 671